raided_village.pngA letter is given to a group of Heroes. The letter has the seal of the Dire Wolf on it. The letter says “This letter has been sent out by the old Gods, whoever gets this letter, has been deemed worthy enough by the Gods to help us in our rebellion to rid our land of the scourge undead, and the men who wish to see us all in chains! If You truly are heroes then you must say the words that are at the bottom of this parchment!”
As you look down you see ancient runes, runes that you have never seen before…
Suddenly the runes translate into words of your common tongue.

it reads “The night is long and dark, full of evils and danger, only by the light can we stray to be safe”

As soon as the group reads the letter out, the group is suddenly overcome by images of a foreign land full of trees, and plant life, faint snow in some places, you feel like your being flown over the forests, you can see towns, towns on fire, common people being butchered by soldiers wearing red armor bearing the sigil of a lion.

The King in the North